• Gears   •   Shafts   •   Sprockets   •   Gear Sleeves

  • They are made out of alloy steel procured from best of resources. The steel procured is then converted into forgings as per design of the component.
  • Forge shops carry out test on raw materials to assure desired physical and chemical properties.
  • Forging are then subjected to turning process on CNC machines followed by Broaching to produce Blanks.
  • Blanks Teeth cutting both Spur and Helical is done on Hobbing and Gear Shaper under strict control for proper size, fitment & matching.
  • Gear Swagging is done for Gear Sleeves and gear Shifter Sleeves.
  • Sprockets of required pitch are also made on these machines.
  • Teeth Shaving and Grinding is done to improve finishing of tooth resulting in reduced friction and noise level thus improving life of component
  • Heat Treatment for required hardness and case depth is done through Case Hardening Gas Carburizing Procedure or Induction Hardening.
  • Bore & Cylindrical Grinders are also there to give perfect touch to components.
  • Proper inspection at final stage and duly packaging is done to ensure right product reaches customer’s hand in right condition
  • To check the precision of components the company is equipped with various gauges and instruments likeFlange Micrometers to check MOT/DOP size and variation

    – PCD Bench Center to check PCD run out.

    – Gear Rolling Tester to check TTE and TTCE.

    – Lead and Profile Tester to check lead and profile error of Gears

    – Various other instruments to check required dimensions.