Apax Product (India)is An ISO 9001-2000 certified company which is a producer, exporter and supplier of automobile mechanism. We have our possess domestic manufacturing amenities and high-tech communications to make different automotive mechanism. Among its firm faith in modernism & skill – fortified by burly moral groundings – our business stand out as one of India’s top trade house. Apax Product (India)’s prime actions rotate approximately developed and allocation of Automobiles part.

Our company was incorporated in 1990 by Mr. Vishal Gupta in nationwide. Now the group has increased its business all in excess of India. For extra and half decade now, we have been depiction precious services to our customers and therefore have able to slice a place for our self in the extremely spirited market situation. Over the existence we have been talented to make friendliness in the market by method of developed products and giving full pleasure to our clients and by in advance their assurance.

Apax Products (India) ) is a producer and exporter distributor of Propeller Shafts apparatus and CNC-Precision-apparatus, Gear & Shafts, instantly Bevel Gears.

Quality Assurance
Apax Products (India) ) believe in extensive period association than small period income hence we place in our most excellent hard work to make quality services. All our goods place the examination of moment, excellence and precision. Stable examine and growth has supported us to confirm our value in the market as our goods are efficient as per the altering requirements. Our ardor to make a seal of superiority and worth has been our major basis of motivation and this has enabled us to be in our most excellent presentation.

From long time our company is ambitious by the apparition of deliver the extremely most excellent in every it’s function. Apax Products (India) has now developed to turn out to be one of India’s foremost automobile manufacturer and supplier with an excellent revenue and portion supplementary a lot of people globally.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The company is manage by extremely capable and knowledgeable technocrats below industrial leadership of Mr. S.N Bhargav Who has over 50 years of technological knowledge and CEO Vishal Gupta who himself is a mechanical Engineer

We are a committed team of specialist professional who are dedicated to bring most excellent and finer quality goods. Our key power is our well-organized human capital that is one of the best and has a fervor to manage all time. We arrange seminar continually. So that the squad become further resourceful and efficient with time. Our manpower has accompanied us in to our expedition achievement.

Considerate the worth of quality, we on Apex Products (India), endeavor to uphold elevated quality principles. Our well prepared in house excellence inner departments make sure that the excellence standards are in conformance to OEM & global standards, at every level of manufacture.

Testing Facilities
Examination of underdone Material Forgings is suitably normalize and shot dilapidated are procure from dependable products. They are under to level checks and illustration examination for rift & folds.

Manufacturing Process
The developed procedure besmeared in the manufacturing of gears and shafts are fairly extensive and are subjected to heat handling events. To instate this goal, we are fine prepared with all the essential apparatus such , gas carbonizing with washing, quenching and tempering furnaces allied to this reason and there is induction-hardening appliance for rear axles and spindles.

Customization Capabilities
Today is the input utterance to achievement and therefore the company excels due to its customization capability that is facilitated the developed unit placed at Delhi. We are able to produce pinions and spindles catering, crowns, gears, shafts, to the specific requirements of our customers.

In excess of the years we have been brilliant to uphold customers that are pleased among our goods and have approach over another time with recurring instructions. Our presentation in conditions of quality, on time delivery and spirited price has shaped friendliness in the marketplace. Reliable presentation and fervor to uphold cordial family has enabled us to have a crowd of customers who have had extended business associations with us.